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Sun, Sand, and… Science

Sun, Sand, and… Science

By Kathy Rinker

Picture the beach…the sand, the sun, the ocean. Imagine the sound of the waves rolling onto the shore, the sound of voices drifting through the air and the squalls of the birds flying over head. Now breathe in deeply and smell the sea salt, the smell of sun block and the hot dogs that are cooking at a nearby vendor. AHHHH!!! What a place, yes? The perfect place…to do science experiments!!!

Yes, I am going to talk about science experiments! My apologies to those whom I have led on. However, you will find that the beach or various other locations, even your own home are perfect places to conduct science experiments, specifically, the ones that are contained in the fabulous Young Explorer series that Seton carries offered by Apologia. I brought up the image of the beach specifically in reference to Exploring Creation with Zoology: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. This wondrous text is filled with fascinating creatures. It allows the reader to journey all the way to the depths of the ocean. And the way to enhance a reader’s experience of the ocean and what mysteries it holds is to provide experiments that complement each lesson.

So now, not only does Seton carry this amazing series of science books, Seton also carries the lab kits that were designed for each text in order to do the science experiments in each lesson. Now that is convenience at your fingertips! We want the experiments that your student conducts to be a joyful and stress-free experience. And they certainly can be when you have all of the items that you need in one box. Anything that does not come in the box will already be in your own home!

I, myself, have gone through the different lab kits; however, for clarity’s sake, I will fill you in on just the Swimming Creatures kits. First of all, let me tell you that these lab kits were designed with homeschool families in mind! Second, there are two different lab kits to choose from for each book in the series! Isn’t it nice to have options? I certainly appreciate it. The first kit you can choose from has the most basic materials that you probably wouldn’t have in your own home. The second kit you can choose from has every single thing that you need, with the exception of breakables and water, for each experiment. I looked through each of the experiments and the items in the lab kits and now I want to do the experiments. I want to buy these lab kits. And I am an adult. If an adult can get this excited over these things, imagine how a youngster will be!

So, maybe it is time to introduce your young student to a whole new world of learning, through hands on experiments with these extremely helpful lab kits for Apologia Science. And remember the beach? How about having some fun in the sun and doing one of these experiments? All you need is to bring along the science book, a lab kit, and a beach towel!

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