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The Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving

Giving to those around us
Is as simple as can be.
If you go the extra mile and trust,
And do so joyfully.

Spend time with those around you,
Within your daily life.
Give of yourself, joyfully
By giving of your time.

Forgetting what you think you want,
And helping others is how
To give of self and spread some cheer.
The time to begin is now.

By putting your needs last, you’ll see,
Within your heart doth lie
The key to being happy,
And spreading some sunshine.

This key to spreading joy,
And making others smile,
Is reaching out to do for them.
‘Twill make it all worthwhile.

A look, a smile, an act of love,
Can brighten someones day.
And in doing so you’ll find
All gloom doth fade away.

For when you give and die to self,
You receive oh so much more
Than ever could be gained from self,
For His grace He shall outpour.

By just remaining silent
When we wish to speak our mind,
‘Tis an act of giving in itself;
A way of being kind.

For that is what He asks of us
Is to die to self and live
For those He’s placed around us
If we’d just simply give.

Joy D. is a Seton mom who submitted this lovely poem for us to share with you!

Please feel free to send submissions to submissions@setonmagzine.com

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