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My Child Received a Poor Test Grade. Can He Re-do It?


Students can retake tests once. But first, review what was not understood. An elementary re-do will replace the grade, a high school redo will be averaged.

My child received a poor grade on a test. Can he re-do it? Does it matter if it’s parent-graded or Seton-graded?

If it’s a parent-graded test or assignment, it’s up to you, but we suggest that you allow it. Remember the important part of homeschooling is not that your children gets good grades, but that they learn.

When a student gets a bad grade on an assignment, that usually means he didn’t understand the material. Go over it again, and when you feel he is ready let him re-take the assignment and report the new (hopefully better) grade.

For Seton-graded assignments, you are allowed to do one re-take. If you mailed in your work, do the ones you got wrong on a new sheet of paper, attach it to the original test and QRF, and mail it back to us. If you uploaded it, do the same, then scan all the pages back to us.

If you did an online test, there should be a button to retake on your MySeton page for that quarter’s work. At the elementary levels, the new grade will replace the old grade. In high school, the two grades will be averaged.

Remember, you can look over your students’ tests before submitting them. If you feel that he is not understanding the material and are afraid he’ll get an unsatisfactory grade, don’t submit the tests. Allow him another chance to learn the material and correct it and then submit the tests.

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