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The Seton Guidance & Records Department


Seton’s Guidance & Records office is eager to exceed your expectations as they help you and walk with you on your journey!

The Seton Guidance & Records Department is here to offer advice on academic preparation recommendations, engage in brainstorming sessions with parents about college selection, and discuss possibilities in a career, trade, or religious vocation.

The Department also assists students with timing the application process, entrance exams, choosing a major, recommendation letters, and offering college scholarship and financial aid advice.

Philosophy and Promise

Department Head John Thorp puts it this way, “The philosophy of the Guidance & Records Department is simple: to serve and help our students with making lifelong decisions, and transitioning to life after Seton Home Study School.

“Many students and parents may feel a bit of trepidation in contacting Seton for advice on their student’s plans after graduation or a letter of recommendation. This apprehension is understandable because the process can be challenging, with a result that has lifelong consequences.”

John continues, “We want to make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible. We do that by being responsive, communicative, and thorough concerning your requests for guidance and direction. For example, one of the ways we can help you is to communicate directly with college admissions offices, military recruiters, and prospective employers, when necessary, to serve the best interest of a Seton student.”

The Goal

“The goal for Seton’s Guidance & Records office is to exceed your expectations. Feel free to contact us anytime; we are eager to walk with you on the journey!”
You can reach John Thorp at guidance@setonhome.org or call 540-636-2238.

The Records Office

Working with the Guidance Department is the Records Office. Mrs. Betty Showers, the Seton Registrar, will assist you in ordering Seton transcripts, grade reports, diplomas, apostille and authentications, proof of enrollment letters, and records release requests.

You can reach Mrs. Showers at registrar@setonhome.org, or call 540-636-1324.

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