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Testing Made Easy!


The Seton Testing team has over 100 years of combined experience as parents and educators and a commitment to make your testing experience a success.

Seton Testing Services began in 1982 to solve the growing demand for testing and evaluation of homeschool students.

Dr. Mary Kay Clark, director of Seton Home Study School, realized the importance of showing growth, measuring progress, and fulfilling the standardized testing requirement required by many states. We’ve been growing ever since.

In the beginning, there was only one option: the California Achievement Test, taken on paper and with a number two pencil. Thirty years later, as the popularity of homeschooling has increased worldwide, our testing services have grown to include four different options, including online as well as traditional paper and pencil tests.

Fifteen years ago, we were a team of three that grew to five during our peak testing season. Today, we are a team of twelve full-time staff, with an additional crew during our peak season.

Testing Group

A Mission to Succeed

What has helped us achieve such growth is our commitment to offering the absolute best testing experience for our students and families.

The testing process can be overwhelming, especially for first-time homeschooling parents. Our mission is to take that stress away. We do that by being available through live chat, phone, and email support. We are here to walk you through the process and make testing as simple as possible. We stand by our commitment to “Testing Made Easy.”

In addition to offering standardized testing for grades K-12, we also provide computer-based diagnostic testing for reading and math. Diagnostic testing is a remarkable tool that can highlight strengths and weaknesses and assist in building an individualized curriculum for your student.

New and Exciting Resources

We are constantly working on adding more resources that fit the evolving needs of the homeschool community, whether it be adding another online testing option, offering tests for international students, or extending our customer service hours. We are here to listen to you and be your trusted resource in your homeschooling journey.

Although our business has grown substantially, we still strive to provide an individualized experience for each of you. We have many returning customers who test with us year after year because of our commitment to providing reliable and friendly service. Families will call us to order that last twelfth-grade assessment, and say “We’ve been testing with you for over twenty years.”

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience as parents and educators, so whether you are a first-time homeschooling parent, a twenty-year veteran, or somewhere in between, we know how to make your testing experience successful.

Committed to Serve You

Testing personel

One of the members of our team is Lisa Hartley. She has been a dedicated member of the Seton Home Study team for over 20 years, and currently serves on the Customer Care Team and as a Test Administrator. Lisa administers the Stanford 10 Online, and assists customers during their student’ online test session.

Lisa provides our parents and students with an easy and straightforward testing experience, and believes that,

“It’s rewarding to guide a parent through the testing process and help them gain the confidence to meet their testing requirements.”

Lisa’s commitment to our mission reflects what Seton Testing Services was founded to do—assisting the homeschooling community in educational evaluation of student progress while meeting state testing requirements for standardized testing.

Our team of experts at Seton Testing Services is ready with answers and materials to help you through the process. If you need any guidance or information about standardized tests, give us a call today.

It’s as easy as that!


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