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This Stations of the Cross is a Simple, Holy Craft for Children


It can be difficult to pray the Stations of the Cross in church but this craft brings the Stations home, and on a schedule that better suits young children.


Praying the Stations of the Cross is a beautiful devotion that was largely ignored for many years in many parishes.

This is a shame because it affords us the opportunity to prayerfully and reverently reflect on the Passion and Death of Our Lord in a very physical and real way.

You can pray the stations at any time of year, but it is a particularly timely devotion in Lent and this Lent has us challenged to follow the way of the cross in unprecedented ways.


Years ago, I was overwhelmed at the thought of bringing toddlers and babies to church in the evening. Because of that, we became accustomed to praying the stations in our home when our children were very young, and for that I am grateful.

Now that our church is shuttered until late in April, we can still participate in this devotion in a meaningful way with a lovely visual to help us along.


Back then to help the children understand better what this devotion was and how important it was to pray it reverently I made the Stations of the Cross candles that my friend Ruth Tucker shared on her blog many years ago. The craft was quick and simple and needed only a printer, paper, and fourteen votive candles that are widely available.

Each Friday the children can take turns reading each station and mom can light the appropriate candle. Another option is to use the battery candles so the children can light them safely. That’s a bit more of an investment but it will last for years. I include some links below.

Praying the Stations of the Cross will also gain you a plenary indulgence.  In these days when communion and confession are unattainable for most us Pope Francis has issued a statement that if you fully intend to receive the sacraments as soon as they are available, the indulgence is granted. This is comforting news and an excellent lesson for the children about the abundance of God’s mercy.

Once the candles are lit and a simple Lenten supper has been finished a gentle way to end the evening would be by watching Brother Francis: Stations of the Cross. It’s a guide through the stations appropriate for your young ones.

Here are some resources that you may find useful:


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