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Scholarship Fund

Transforming Lives Through Education: Seton Scholarship Fund 2023


Seton is committed to helping our brothers and sisters in Christ overcome financial barriers and to supporting their homeschool journey.

Together, we can ensure that every family can experience the transformative power of a Seton Home Study School education.

At Seton Home Study School, we firmly believe in the power of a high-quality Catholic education to transform lives and shape future leaders. Our mission is to make this education accessible to as many families as possible. However, financial hardships can create barriers for some families, preventing them from accessing an affordable and exceptional education for their children.

The Seton Scholarship Fund

To address this financial hardship challenge, we have established the Seton Scholarship Fund. This program is dedicated to providing financial assistance to families facing hardships, allowing their children to benefit from a Seton education and fostering a love of the Faith.

In line with our Catholic values, we are committed to helping our brothers and sisters in Christ overcome financial barriers and to supporting their homeschool journey.

Impact of Financial Aid

Last year, Seton was proud to award over $70,000 in financial aid to help 382 students in need.

This support has had a significant impact on the lives of these students, enabling them to start or continue their Catholic education and thrive academically, spiritually, and personally.

As we see our students grow in faith and knowledge, we are reminded of the importance of our financial aid program and its crucial role in the Church’s future.

But, while 382 students might sound like a lot, many more are waiting for our help.

Your Role in Supporting Our Mission

We are kindly asking our Seton families to help us help others. Your generosity and compassion can make a significant difference in the lives of fellow Catholic families facing financial challenges.

Supporting our financial aid program not only provides immediate assistance to those in need, but your contribution also contributes to the growth and enrichment of the Church.

As Catholics, we are called to love and serve one another. By supporting Seton Home Study School’s financial aid program, you embody this call and make a tangible difference in the lives of fellow Catholic families.

We are deeply grateful for your support and commitment to our mission, and we are confident that, with your help, we can make a lasting impact on the next generation of future saints and leaders.

We invite you to visit our website and follow our social media channels for updates on the impact of our financial aid program and stories from the families you are helping.

Let’s celebrate our successes together and continue to build a supportive, thriving community that values and uplifts every student.

A Grateful Family’s Testimonial

We receive many testimonials from families who have benefited from our financial aid program.

This note of thanks shows the change your gift can make.

My husband is a Veteran and suffers from PTSD, depression, and other health issues. He is our main income provider, and due to all that he deals with, it has been difficult to make ends meet for months at a time.

We fell behind on many bills and thought we couldn’t afford to continue to provide our kids the best curriculum that Seton has to offer.

I emailed and asked if there was any sort of discount or some way we could continue the education for our children; we were thrilled to find out we qualified for financial aid.

Receiving the financial aid program has helped us continue our children’s education while still learning religion (the most important subject, in my opinion).

My children have expressed how much they enjoy learning and the way subjects are so easy to understand. Seton is not overwhelmingly difficult and allows them to learn and complete their schoolwork independently.

I cannot thank Seton enough for the financial aid program that has helped allow my children to get the best education. – Annie from Texas

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