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What Does the Best Homeschool Space Look Like?


After years of homeschooling and configuring many different homeschool spaces, Mary Ellen shares her insight and these moms and their spaces, seem to agree.

Back in the olden days, when I started homeschooling, I was wildly curious as to how people made space for the books, papers, and projects that went with this lifestyle.

Back then, a few blogs, mine included, existed to encourage homeschooling mothers, but there was no Pinterest or Instagram to gaze at. Now that there are these social media sites, I often wonder if they do more harm than good, inviting us to feel badly that somehow our spaces are not special enough.

I am here to tell you, after all these years, that the best space in which to homeschool your children is the one that works best for you. It is the space in which you feel comfortable, creative, and happy. If that is the kitchen table, then that is the best space for you. If you have a dedicated room with a door you can shut at school day’s end, wonderful.

So, What’s the Best Space?

I have, over the years, had a dedicated space, a sprawling around the house space, and, as my children aged up, desks in their rooms with the dining room table as central command. Each has worked for that time of life.

Recently, we asked on social media for our moms to share their homeschool spaces with us. The response was wonderful! Seton moms are so creative in their use of space. It is our pleasure to share some of their photos.

If you would like to share your homeschool space, please send me an email at magazineeditor@setonhome.org.

Ana Miller Martin

Homeschool Spaces

Our house is very small, but we felt like we needed a dedicated school space. We closed in the screened porch right off the kitchen.
I feel like I spend most of my day in the kitchen, so the schoolroom is very conveniently located.

The entire room is full of windows so there is a lot of natural light. We also included a Murphy bed that is tucked away so the room can also double as a guest room when needed. We received this statue of Saint Anne homeschooling the Blessed Mother as a child and it inspires us every day!

Stephanie Hawkins

Homeschool Spaces
We’re very lucky to have found a house with a large “family” room that we use for a classroom/playroom. We have a large dry erase
board in the front of the room, bookshelf, my “teacher” desk, and cube shelves for each child’s books and supplies.

April Harkins

Homeschool Spaces

One part of our school. The boy’s side. Our basement is our school: the office pictured is the quiet room for the students.
My office is the 1:1 space, testing center, and headquarters. We have a preschool area, mini gym, and technology center as well.

Kerri Ann

Homeschool Spaces
The bookshelf wall
We live in a doublewide with a 2nd family room at the back of the house. One wall is lined with bookshelves.
There are a closet and room for two computer desks, the kids’ desks, the sewing machine, and the large dry erase board.
There are two more desks, arranged similarly to these, on the other side of the window for my younger two kids.

Ruth Green

Homeschool Spaces

This is a glimpse into our schooling here in New Zealand.
We have had to bring out a trestle table now for the younger two boys to work on as our dining room table was too small for all the workbooks.
We have a 15, almost 13, 10, almost 9, 6 and 3-year-olds actively schooling and a 9-month-old crawling around.
We also live on 4 acres with a large barn so have plenty of room for learning and industry.
We love Seton workbooks and so do the kids!

Jennifer Perez

Homeschool Spaces

Not very high quality, but this is our space. Our dining room table

Hollie Louque

Homeschool SPaces
We gave up a bedroom to have this space!!!!! We love having a schoolroom separate from the house.
We go in there and know it’s time to get down to business.  It also includes a bookshelf to store all our books and a sofa for a cozy reading spot.

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