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What If I Need More Time to Finish My Coursework?


Need more time to finish your coursework? It’s as simple as an email or phone call or your counselor can show you ways to finish faster in some courses.

What if I need more time to finish? We aren’t done with all our coursework yet.

Seton gives you a full calendar year to finish the coursework. However, if you need more time you can get an extension. Call us to find out when your ending date is if you’re not sure, and to get the extension if you need more time to finish.

On the other hand, there are ways of finishing faster in some courses. Remember that the only things you need to turn in in order to get a grade are the things listed as “Seton Graded” on your MySeton page, or the Seton-graded items (Part B) on your Quarter report forms.

If you think your child can get a good grade on those assignments, you do not have to do all the daily work. You can guide him to study those things that will be covered on the test, or to learn the things for doing an assigned paragraph or paper.

While we don’t necessarily recommend doing this for all the subjects in all four quarters, as you’re approaching the end of the year, finishing some while still working on others, this may be a way to finish your coursework and get that summer break you need. Remember that those in brick and mortar schools don’t always finish every single one of their books either.

How do I fill out the Attendance Record that you sent me? Where do I upload it?

We send these to you as a courtesy; we do not actually require them, so there is no place to upload it. This only needs to be used for students in a state where there are a required number of days of attendance.

It’s easy enough to just check off a day that you are “in school”. However, if your state has no such requirement and you don’t care to use the form, toss it! If you do want us to keep the record, you can send it to us separately from your quarter work. Put “Attn: Records” on the envelope. If you send the record to us we will keep a copy in our student files.

My son is already finished with some of his classes. Should we order the next grade up and begin that now? And should we keep working throughout the summer?

It’s entirely up to you. One thing to remember is that it costs less to enroll for a whole year at once than to enroll in multiple single courses at the elementary level. So if your child finishes his Spelling or Vocabulary book, you probably don’t want to enroll him in the next level of the course as a single subject.

You could purchase the next book, and work in it until you enroll for the next year, then give the tests when you receive them and submit the grades. You could also supplement with other materials that you might find at a local bookstore or online, or you might just enjoy the fact that he has one less subject to do!

If, however, he finishes Math, and he is already behind a grade level in math and you want him to catch up, that might be a case where you could find it helpful to re-enroll him right away in the next level, depending on how long it will be until you re-enroll for the next grade. Only you can decide if you want to continue working through the summer or if you are taking a break.

Many families use the summer to finish up the subjects that aren’t done, or get a jump start on the next year’s work. Some families have their kids read the book report books over the summer. Others do a little bit of math each day. Others continue the full course load, taking shorter breaks throughout the year. There’s no wrong way to do it!.

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