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Your Questions Answered: Is American Literature Still Required?


Is the American Literature course required? How does the Parchment Transcript Service work? Any tips on finishing the school year?

Is it true that a student no longer has to take the American Literature course? Also, if a student is already taking American Literature, do they have to finish it?

Yes, to your first question, it is true that Seton students no longer have to take the American Literature course to graduate with a Seton diploma.

We previously required American Literature to graduate with Academic or Advanced Academic Diplomas. We are now emphasizing a single HS diploma track, the Academic Diploma track.

This is the original track Seton has offered and is still the one most students take today. The General Diploma and Advanced Academic Diploma tracks are still available for families that want them but are de-emphasized.

Students can still choose to take American Literature and follow the old diploma tracks if they choose to. A staff member has provided a detailed explanation for these changes on our website: www.setonhome.org/diploma-track-changes-2023/

Concerning whether a student currently taking American Literature must finish the course, if they have already completed 1 or 2 quarters, we can close out the course and give a quarter or half credit. However, when considering removing any course, remember that the student still needs 22 credits to graduate.

With American Literature removed, students may need to substitute it with another elective or course to ensure their total credits reach 22.

Sean O’Connor, Academic Counselor

We are running out of time to complete our high school student’s school year. Can you help me?

Yes, I have several suggestions that can help you.

First, many high school students have found it helpful to quicken their pace by incorporating a block schedule.

Instead of doing each subject for about an hour each day, concentrate on one or two subjects and do only those all day for several weeks until that subject is done!
Second, focus on requirements for the quarter, and work toward completing those items. If it is a quiz or paragraph in a book, read it right away.

Third, as soon as you are done reading it, do the assignment. Waiting even a few days makes you more likely to forget some aspects of the story.

Fourth, upload a completed assignment as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of losing it. Fifth, if you can do an assignment online, do it that way. You won’t waste time looking for it later; it will automatically save your progress.

Sixth, because it is essential in high school to finish the work to earn credit, we can’t just skip a subject. Still, you have the flexibility to work on subjects from different years simultaneously, which may help add some efficiency.

I hope these ideas help, but I emphasize that if you or your student are having trouble in any subject, especially in high school, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the counselors. We are more than happy to help you with solutions tailored to your family!

Laura J. Clark, Academic Counselor

Seton instructed me to use the Parchment service when sending my daughter‘s transcript with her college application.

When I go to Parchment’s “Order your Transcript” page, I see her transcript, but the data is incorrect. How can I ensure that the transcript sent to our college is correct?

Thank you for your question about using the Parchment transcript service. For those families unfamiliar with it, Parchment is a transcript service we have found reliable, efficient, and respected by colleges.

Each time you order a transcript at Parchment for yourself or to be sent to a college, the image on your transcript link is updated. The image of the transcript you see is the last transcript you requested.

If this is your first time using the Parchment service, there will be no transcript yet.

If you have completed some courses since you last ordered a transcript, the link will show the last order, but the transcript sent will have your most current data.

Before ordering the formal transcript to be sent to a college, if you prefer to see the current transcript on Parchment rather than MySeton, you can click the transcript image, then click the UPDATE button near the bottom of the transcript.

Clicking UPDATE will generate an order for Seton to update the transcript. It should take no more than 2 – 3 business days for Seton to get this order and send it back to Parchment. Please do not expect immediate, real-time results.

Preview the Unofficial View

You can also visit your MySeton page to see your cumulative high school grade report. Go to the student’s COURSES page, where there is an icon of three fanned-out pages
of paper.

When you place the cursor on this icon, the text will tell you that here you can “View the cumulative high school grade report.” The course data on this page is current, with all graded items.

Deacon Gene McGuirk, Director of Academic Counseling

When Can I Enroll My child in Special Services?

We accept Special Service enrollments throughout the year and encourage families to contact us for details.

Should I wait for my child to finish their current grade level before re-enrolling with Special Services?

If your child has finished at least two-quarters of each subject, you may call us to discuss the curriculum for next year.

You can then choose to re-enroll immediately and customize the start date and the shipping date, or you can re-enroll later. If you want to start the new school year in August or September, spring and early summer are the perfect time to plan for the new year!

We typically have our “early bird” phone calls in March through June. To schedule an “early bird” call with Special Services, please call us at 540-622-5555.

The Special Services “Early Bird” Phone Call

During an “early bird” phone call, you can speak with a Special Services counselor to map out your child’s curriculum for the following year.

Your counselor will discuss curriculum options/modifications for each subject. This conversation will also be your opportunity to share how the previous school year went for your child and if there is anything you would like to do differently for the following year.

When Can I Pay for My Next Year in Special Services?

You may pay for the upcoming curriculum at this time or when we send your curriculum to you.

Special Services Staff

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