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Your Questions Answered: What is Seton’s Redo Policy for high school tests?


What is Seton’s Redo Policy for high school tests? Can junior high students take high school courses for credit? Your answers from Seton Counselors.

What is Seton’s Redo Policy for high school tests?

Students can redo multiple-choice questions with five answers; if the questions have only four answers, you may only redo the test if you fail it (below 70%).

True/false questions or questions with only two answers cannot be retaken. However, most fill-in-the-blank tests can be redone if the grade is below 85%. You may also redo written work and translation tests.

Sean O’Connor, Academic Counselor

Can junior high students take individual high school courses for credit?

Junior high students may take and receive credit for certain high school courses. This can be an excellent opportunity for students to get a head start on their high school education.

Any grades earned would contribute to their high school GPA with Seton. Adding a high school course would incur a high school fee due to the increase in services provided and the cost of materials. There is usually an extra textbook or software license fee for math or language courses.

Please note that some HS courses have prerequisites or are usually designated for specific grade levels. However, we are here to guide and support you in making the right choices.

High school course selections by junior high students are reviewed by an academic counselor. Typically, high school courses allowed for junior high students include Algebra I, Keyboarding (typing), World Geography, Physical Science, Earth Science, Fundamentals of Grammar (half-credit), and any foreign language course such as Spanish I or French I.

We welcome your questions:

Christina Nutt, Academic Counselor

Can my high school student take a language that Seton doesn’t currently offer? How can we go about it?

At Seton, we understand the importance of personalized education and each student’s unique interests. Prior to taking the course, we encourage you to contact our academic advising team to discuss the best approach for your student’s language learning goals. At Seton, we’re committed to supporting the educational needs of our students. To accommodate this, we offer these options for students:

1. Independent Study: We support independent study courses for languages taught at co-ops, non-accredited schools, or at home. This option involves providing the course information from the program you intend to use or designing a custom curriculum yourself. Submit a proposal outlining your study plan, materials, and evaluation methods.

2. Dual Enrollment: Older students might have the opportunity for dual enrollment with local community colleges or universities that offer the desired language. This option not only introduces students to college-level courses but also allows them to earn both high school and college credits. Students may also enroll at another accredited high school for the desired language course. Once the course is finished, we will need the transcript by mail or email.

Whichever option you choose, fill out an Independent Study Request Form. This can be found under Resources on your MySeton account for approval from our counselors.

Joseph Strickland, Admissions Consultant

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