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Anointed To Serve

3rd Sunday of Advent

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 61:1-2A, 10-11

All of us who are in Christ have been given the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit of God within us Who sanctifies us, transforms us, guides us, instructs us, and empowers us for Christ. None of us would be able to live the life of holiness to which we have been called if we did not have the Spirit of God dwelling within us.

But the Holy Spirit has also been given to us for another reason: to serve. Just as Jesus was anointed to preach the Gospel, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and set those imprisoned by sin free, we, too, have been anointed to serve.

Al of us have been given different gifts and graces by the Holy Spirit in order to glorify God, win souls for Christ, build up, and edify His Church. No one in Christ has been passed over. God doesn’t give gifts and graces to some while overlooking others.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon you, and like Christ, you have been anointed to serve. Have you been faithful to God in this regard, or are you allowing your gifts to remain dormant and to go unused? We have not been saved to sit; we’ve been saved to serve.

Think of the different gifts, talents, skills, and abilities which you have been given. Write them all down in your journal. Then write out ways in which you might turn those gifts and talents into holy service for God.

If you have been hesitant to use your gifts for God, why is this? What is stopping you from serving? Many times, when we write down what is hindering us from doing something, God supernaturally removes that block or barrier and shows us not only how to proceed, but where to begin.

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