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Let's Journal Through Advent! With Lorraine Espenhain | The Seton Journaling Club

Becoming Like Little Children

1st Week of Advent

Scripture Reading: Luke 10:21-24

If there was any group of people in Jesus’ day who should have recognized Him as Israel’s Messiah and believed in His teachings, it should have been the “wise and the learned,” those who spent their days and nights in the study of the Scriptures and gave themselves over to scholarly pursuits.

And yet, when He stood before them and said, “Here I am! I have come!” they couldn’t accept Him. They rejected Him. Their religious and intellectual pride served as a barrier that kept them from becoming like the “little children” God calls us to become if we want to enter Heaven.

What about you? Are you having a difficult time exercising child-like faith, belief, and trust in Christ and the things which He teaches through His Church? Have you said, “I know that this is what the Church teaches, but this is my belief when it comes to such and such?”

Are there areas in your life in which you believe that you “know better” than Holy Mother Church? Are there areas in your life in which you are having a hard time becoming like “a little child” because your “adult” ways and beliefs keep getting in the way?

This Advent season is the perfect time to take a good hard look at our lives to see how we are truly living in the sight of God, especially when it comes to child-like faith, hope, trust, belief, and most of all… obedience! It was God’s good pleasure to hide His eternal truths from those who deemed themselves “wise and learned” and to reveal them to “little children” instead.

Are you presently living as that “little child,” or are there areas in which you continue to stumble “like an adult?”

Journal about your reflections and insights on today’s particular Scripture reading and how it pertains to you.

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