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Let's Journal Through Advent! With Lorraine Espenhain | The Seton Journaling Club

Bringing Others To Jesus

1st Week of Advent

Scripture Reading: Matthew 15:29-37

One of the biggest temptations that Christians can succumb to is the temptation to draw a circle around themselves, cocoon themselves, and focus solely on the enjoyment, preservation, and cultivation of their own religious experience. It’s the easiest thing in the world to lose ourselves in Bible studies, prayer meetings, and other church activities while forgetting that there are many whom God has placed within our own sphere of influence who desperately need to be brought to Jesus and “laid at His feet.”

Yes… Jesus wants us to come to Him, but as we see in today’s Scripture reading, He also wants us to bring to Him those who are spiritually blind, crippled, and in need of His words and His healing touch.

Think about people whom God has placed in your life who are not living for God. Have you been afraid to share your faith with them? If so, what exactly is it that is holding you back from reaching out to him or her? Sometimes when we write down our fears and reservations about doing things, answers and solutions come to us that would not have come otherwise. Sometimes just writing about those fears frees us to do the very thing we thought we could never do. In today’s journal entry, perhaps you may wish to write out a small letter to that individual, sharing your faith with them, and telling them why you believe Jesus could help them, even if you have no intention of sending it to them.

Many times, when we write out our thoughts, when the proper time does come to share our faith with others, we will know what to say because we’ve already written it down and processed it in advance. You may also wish to jot down a few creative ways in which you can share your faith with them during the Advent/Christmas season.

Advent/Christmas is a great time in which to share our faith with others because it’s one of the few times in the year when the world is somewhat focused on God.

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