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Let's Journal Through Advent! With Lorraine Espenhain | The Seton Journaling Club

Getting A “New View”

1st Week of Advent

Scripture Reading: Matthew 9:35-10:1, 5A, 6-8

When Jesus looked out on the crowds, He had compassion on them because He saw the condition of their souls. Whether we want to accept this truth or not, this is the secret of loving people and having compassion on them no matter how they may be acting outwardly towards us. A person’s outward behavior is very often a direct reflection of the state of his or her soul. But many times, instead of recognizing this, we react to their outward behavior and we judge and treat them accordingly.

We will never love others or have the compassion on them that Christ calls us to if we insist on focusing only on a person’s outward behavior or appearance. It’s easy to be repulsed or offended by someone who is always gossiping about others, telling lies, or saying hurtful or mean things. It’s easy to judge that person as “unlikable” and then having nothing to do with him or her.

But if we are going to be Christ to others, we need to ask Jesus to give us the grace of “a new view” of that individual. – a soul view. That person is acting as he does because he is a lost soul who has been blinded by Satan, deceived by Satan, and taken captive by Satan.

We can all think of people whose outward behavior offends and repels us. Ask Jesus to give you the grace to look beyond the exterior and to focus on the interior of that individual – the state of his or her soul. How might you treat them differently in the light of this “new view” of them? What might you do to and for him or her in order to be the light and love of Christ in their lives?

Write down your thoughts and reflections concerning this issue in today’s journal entry.

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