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'Let's Journal' | The Seton Journaling Club with Lorraine Espenhain

Got Individuality?

Being unique, different, and considered an “individual,” can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can also create problems for us.

Write about one or several ways in which you are different than other people and how this positively and negatively affects your life and your relationship with other people.

Sometimes, when we sit down and write about how different or unique we are, we can come away seeing that what we may think is a “negative” part of who we are because we are different is really a major plus!

At other times, our journaling on this topic may be the very tool used by the Holy Spirit to reveal to us areas in our lives which need to be changed.

About Seton Journal Prompts

Created by Lorraine Espenhain, this Daily Journal Prompt series hopes to kickstart your creativity and promote a sense of self-discovery and wellbeing through journaling! Meet Lorraine | More about this Series
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