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'Let's Journal' | The Seton Journaling Club with Lorraine Espenhain

What People Think

Do you worry too much about what other people think of you? If so, how might this tendency be causing stress in your life – stress which God never intended for you to endure?

Can you think of times when this desire for man’s approval of you caused God’s approval of you to become a secondary concern? Can you think of times when it led to compromise of the truth on your part?

As you examine this tendency within you, do you believe that it stems more from fear of rejection than it does from pride?

As you write down your thoughts and reflections in your journal, be completely honest about what this tendency is doing to your life and your relationship with your Heavenly Father. While some people may struggle with this tendency, others may go to the extreme in the opposite direction, becoming so hard that they don’t care one iota what others think of them.

This, too, is an extreme that must be avoided, as it can often lead to selfishness and callousness on our part. Do you fall into this second category? If so, how did you get here?

Why is this tendency in your life? Is this tendency within you a form of pride or really a fear of rejection cleverly disguised?

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