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Talking Ourselves Out Of Everything

Do you have a tendency to talk yourself out of everything? One minute, inspiration hits, and you have an enthusiastic desire to do such and such. But as soon as the idea enters your mind, a little inner critic rises up inside of you and begins to tell you all of the reasons why you’ll never be able to accomplish what you want.

Throughout the years, you’ve come up with some wonderful ideas, but you’ve never gone through with any of them because of that nasty inner critic talking you out of everything. “You’re not being practical. Your idea is stupid and everyone who hears it will think so as well. That’s for talented people, not for you. You’re not worthy. You’re too insignificant.” Blah, Blah, Blah!

If you listen to this voice, why is this? What are some things that you wanted to do or try in the past, but the inner critic talked you out of it. What did “he” say? Why did you believe “him?” Write these things down.

Did you ever ignore your inner critic and go ahead with a dream or a plan, only to be pleasantly surprised that “he” was wrong, for you succeeded? Write about such a time.

Then, the next time you desire to step out and try something different or do something for God, and the inner critic “clears his throat” in preparation to talk you out of it, read the journal entry that you wrote concerning the day you proved “him” wrong.

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