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'Let's Journal' | The Seton Journaling Club with Lorraine Espenhain

True Courage

Most people believe that courage is the absence of fear. This, however, is simply not true. True courage is doing something in spite of the fear.

Are there things that you have wanted to do, but have not done, because fear is stopping you? If so, write them down. Then, next to them, write down specifically what you believe is going to happen to you if you actually step out and do those things.

On the other side of this issue, can you think of a time when you stepped out and did something even though at that time, you were very afraid? How did you feel afterwards? What awesome discovery did you make on the day you did that thing even though you were afraid to do it?

Write down your reflections in this regard.

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Created by Lorraine Espenhain, this Daily Journal Prompt series hopes to kickstart your creativity and promote a sense of self-discovery and wellbeing through journaling! Meet Lorraine | More about this Series
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