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Spiritual Preparations

Spiritual Preparations

The most important final preparation for college lies in seeing to your continued spiritual health once you are away from home and on your own.  The basics are quite clear, of course.  Your strong participation in the sacramental life of the Church obviously must continue without interruption.

There is another part of your spiritual health which may be of some concern.  You are going to face great exposure to ideas which may be entirely new to you.  Given that Catholicism is true, you will be aware that every notion contrary to the Faith is, to some extent, a lie.  Lies may be incredibly subtle, however, and it isn’t always immediately obvious that some unfamiliar notion actually issues from the father of lies.  So, as a help in your discernment, I urge you to a short post-Seton course reviewing some of the more pernicious thoughts you will encounter in college and in life.

The text for this course is Dis-Orientation:  The 13 “-isms” that will send you to intellectual “La-La Land.”  The editor is John Zmirak, a well-known Catholic apologist with a rather wry approach born of a life spent combating “isms” beginning in his early teen years.  The contributors are experts in the errors presented, ranging from Sentimentalism though Relativism, Americanism to Marxism, Consumerism and the rest, to a final chapter on Modernism.  Although each section is necessarily brief, they are remarkably concise descriptions and include valuable tips for overcoming any tendencies to succumb.  The book is easily available through any on-line outlet.

For further help, you may wish to consider Mr. Zmirak’s off-beat Apologetics works as well.

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