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Saints for September Crossword

‘Saints for September’ Crossword

2014-7 Saints for September Crossword
Download this ‘Saints for July’ Crossword! A fun activity to challenge your knowledge of facts and trivia. For all ages! Answer these questions:

  • Pope St. ___ the Great has a calendar and a type of church music named after him.
  • St. Peter ___ baptized and ministered to many thousands of African slaves.
  • The Feast of Our Lady of ___ is usually celebrated on September 15th.
  • The Holy ___ of Mary is celebrated on September 12th.
  • St. ___, archbishop of Constantinople who died in 407, earned the nickname Chrysostom, which means “golden mouthed,” for his eloquent preaching.
  • The Exaltation of the Holy ___ is celebrated on September 14th.
  • St. ___ Bellarmine wrote a famous catechism.
  • This man was a tax collector before he became an Apostle.
  • St. ___ of Pietrelcina spent long hours in the confessional and had the gift of reading souls.
  • This saint was the brother of St. Cosmas; they were early Roman martyrs.
  • St. ___ de Paul is well known for his service to the poor.
  • This saint translated the Bible into Latin; his translation is called “the Vulgate” and is the official translation of the Church.

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