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Crossword – 4 Marks

‘The 4 Marks of the Church’ Crossword

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2014-1 Crossword - 4 Marks circle

Download this ‘The 4 Marks of the Church’ Crossword! A fun activity to challenge your knowledge of facts and trivia. For all ages! Answer these questions:

  • There are four ___ of the Catholic Church by which all men can recognize it as the true Church.
  • The Catholic Church has this mark because all its members profess the same faith and have the same sacrifice and sacraments.
  • The Catholic Church has this mark because it was founded by Jesus Christ and provides the means of leading a holy life.
  • This mark (also known as universal) means the Catholic Church teaches all nations all the truths revealed by God.
  • This mark means the Catholic Church was founded by Christ on the apostles, and the Church is governed by their lawful successors.
  • The first commandment of the Church is to assist at Mass on all Sundays and holy ___ of obligation.
  • The second commandment of the Church is to fast and to ___ on the days appointed.
  • The Church encourages us to go to ___ frequently.
  • The fourth commandment of the Church is to receive Holy ___ during the Easter time.
  • The fifth commandment of the Church is to contribute to the ___ of the Church.
  • The sixth commandment of the Church is to observe the laws of the Church concerning ___.

Download the answers sheet here.

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