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Daily Homeschool Inspirations from Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton


Inspire and strengthen your homeschool journey with these pearls of wisdom and insight selected by Msgr. Joseph B. Code from Mother Seton’s daily writings.

For many years, for the January issues of the Seton Magazine, we have written about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Mother Seton, who was the inspiration for the establishment of Seton Home Study School.

This January, we have decided to reprint several “thoughts” of Mother as she wrote them during her years of teaching children in her Catholic school in Maryland. We hope the following Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton thoughts will inspire you in your daily homeschooling journey.

“Doubt and fear fly from the breast inhabited by Him. There can be no disappointment where the soul’s only desire and expectation is to meet His adored Will and fulfill it.”

“But first, the battle must be won, the thorny road passed over. Look up! He is ever a witness of your struggles. Put all your trust in Him.”

“Blessed, blessed Lord, keep us always in Thy company, and press our weak hearts forever in Thy service.”

“Keep your hearts at rest. Never can you find a surer way of obtaining all your desires than that of leaving all to God, Who delights to grant the wishes even for this life if you are full
of confidence.”

“Oh how sweet to be every moment employed in the service and in the sight of the dearest and most generous of masters, Who repays with the tenderness of compassionate love, even the goodwill of His child, however imperfect its execution.”

“A true joy to me indeed the daily sacrifice, and our frequent and … daily Communion. …This union of my soul with God is my wealth in poverty and joy in deepest afflictions.”

“In every disappointment, great or small, let your dear heart fly direct to Him, to your Saviour, throwing yourself into His arms for refuge in every pain and sorrow. He will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

“What would I consider my life if it could not obtain Your true happiness! You know what happiness; not that of the present passing hour, of course, but that which is infinite.”

“If a mother’s love could be a fortune to you, you would be rich indeed! Alas, it is poor coin in this world; but be assured, it will bear interest in heaven, where it solicits, I may truly say day and night, every blessing on you.”

“We must pray literally without ceasing, I mean that prayer of the heart which is independent of time and place, which is rather a habit of lifting up the heart to God, as a constant communication with Him.”

“I taste the sweetness of His Presence, and feed on the Bread of angels, which warms, cheers, soothes, contents, and renews my whole being.”

“You think you make sacrifices. Look at the sacrifice of Calvary, and compare yours with it.”

“To enjoy, we must love, and to love, we must sacrifice.”

“My life would not be worth a thought if it could not contribute by its sacrifice to the happiness and desire of those I love.”

“Religion is the only real support in the uncertainties of the present life.”

“It is vain to wear the outward sign of Mary’s children on the heart, without the virtues of meekness, purity, and charity [so dear to her] within.”

“Be attentive to the voice of Grace. Dwell in prayer on the best thoughts of the moment. Love to soar above in your good time of prayer.”

“Patience and submission are the only way to gain the blessings of Heaven.”

“Those who want the protection of Heaven are surest of obtaining it.”

“Let peace and love stay with you in your pains, and they will lighten and sweeten them all.”

“Keep your heart high!”

All these quotes are taken from Daily Thoughts of Mother Seton, quotes taken from her daily writings, selected by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph B. Code, 1960.

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