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Welcome to the Stay-at-Homeschooling Mom Podcast


Meet two experienced homeschooling moms and their podcast to encourage, inspire, and amuse homeschooling parents. Life just got better.

A little over twenty years ago, a friend and I sat in a room in the Dulles Conference Center in Virginia and listened to Ginny Seuffert speak about homeschooling. My friend had just finished her first year of homeschooling, and I was about a month away from beginning my first year.

We left that conference having listened and met with Ginny, Dr. Mary Kay Clark, Laura Berquist, several pro-homeschooling priests, and many other moms, some of whom became friends, and we still keep in touch.

That day began a journey that would see me eventually writing and speaking about my homeschool experiences and having the great good fortune of working with Ginny at Seton Home Study School. I have been very blessed to be able to learn from her years of experience. In our travels, emails, and long phone conversations, our work relationship has become a genuine friendship that I value and cherish.

Meet You at the Stay-at-Homeschooling Mom Podcast

We would like to include all of you in some of those conversations, and Seton and some of our College Partners have been kind enough to sponsor our new endeavor, The Stay-at-Homeschooling Mom Podcast.

Ginny and I will be talking about our experiences in homeschooling, keeping a home, raising children, family life, Catholic family life, and anything that has to do with any of those things. Our goal is to encourage, inspire, and hopefully amuse homeschooling parents, and we are open to hearing suggestions of topics to cover, so chime in and let us know.

You will quickly discover that once we start talking, just about anything can come up, and we always have opinions.

About Mary Ellen Barrett

Mother of seven children and two in heaven, Mary is wife to David and a lifelong New Yorker. She has homeschooled her children for eleven years using Seton and an enormous amount of books. She is a columnist for The Long Island Catholic and blogs here . Meet Mary Ellen.
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