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We’ve Started, But Can I Exchange a Course?


Your Seton Counselors are here to answer your questions by phone or email. Here is a sampling of timely Q & A for the new school year.

We started school but now realize one of our students would do better in a different course. Can I exchange the course?

We are happy to help you do that. You will find the exchange policy and the course exchange form in the “Introduction” for each grade.

Please fill out the form and include it with the materials you are returning and your payment for the exchange.

Once we receive it, we will make the changes, update the student’s record, and send out the materials for the new course.

Please address your package “Attn: Customer Service.” We encourage you to get tracking on your package.

Esther Williams, Customer Service

I’ve received my curriculum. What do I do next?

Once you receive your curriculum, you are free to begin schooling. Each course will come with a printed lesson plan that will be your guide for the year and will lay out every assignment and school day.

The lesson plans will explain what work to submit for grading. If you or your students have questions about the curriculum throughout the year, the Seton academic counseling department is available Mon-Fri from 9 am – 5 pm EST. Contact counselors at counselors@setonhome.org or 866-280-1930.

Christina Nutt, Elementary Counselor

I’m concerned about keeping up with the regular school system’s schedule. Is this a problem?

When you enroll with Seton, you have fourteen months from your start date to finish everything.

This year plus two months allows you breathing room to linger on subjects that may need more attention, to take vacation or holiday time, to speed up or slow down depending on the needs of both you and your student. Feel free to make adjustments, throughout the year, for your family as you see fit. Flexibility is one of the best advantages of homeschooling.

Heather Hibl, Elementary Counselor

How is the Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum graded? Do I have to submit any work to Seton?

Pre-K and Kindergarten are completely parent-graded levels, so there are no tests or assignments to submit to Seton.

Parents have the freedom to assign a grade based on several factors. For example, you may consider the percentage of correct answers, the amount of effort the student has placed into the work, or the proper attitude. You might also consider engagement with and comprehension of the material, any additional work the student has done outside of the required assignments, and other factors that you want to include in the student’s overall grade.

Christina Nutt, Elementary Counselor

My elementary student is interested in learning Latin. Does Seton offer any Latin for younger students?

Yes! While Seton does not offer formal Latin classes for elementary or middle school students, we sell many books and book sets in our bookstore designed to acquaint younger students with Latin.

There are quite a few options, and each series is different. For example, Little Latin Readers and Prima Latina are great for elementary students and First Form Latin for middle school students. I encourage our families to explore what is there; not only will the student be learning the language of the Church, but it serves as an excellent springboard for taking Latin classes in high school.

Aidan Callegari, High School Counselor

How can I obtain a copy of a misplaced test or quiz?

Many tests and other materials are available online under the “Resources” tab. In your student’s MySeton account, click on the gray “Resources” tab in the top center of the homepage.

Close to the bottom of the page is an underlined section entitled “Course Resources.” When you click on this, the resources available for each student’s subject will appear.

These resources may include extra worksheets, unit and quarter tests, the book report handbook, chapter questions, and other helpful material. Scroll down to the subject you are looking for and check for your missing item.

If what you are looking for is not there, please get in touch with the counseling department at counseling@setonhome.org, and we will provide you with another copy.

Theresa English, Academic Counselor

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