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Will the Online Biology Course be Available as a Textbook?


Dr. Mary Kay Clark on our new biology textbook and the new full-color enhanced lesson plans now available in over ten of Seton’s core high school courses.

Our oldest enjoyed your online Biology course. Will that be available as a textbook?

Yes, it will. We’re happy to announce that Seton has published the text of the very popular online Biology course. This new hard cover textbook is beautifully illustrated in full-color and has been sent to our printer.

We look forward to announcing its delivery in the near future.

The online course, and now this book, concentrates on human biology, which is important for students who are entering young adulthood. Seton created the online Biology course because Biology is the one science that can touch on areas with moral implications.

We want a Biology course to reflect the Catholic positions on those areas, or at least not present any non-Catholic positions.

The online course has been a great success with families and now this new Biology textbook will allow us to make the online course a fully integrated aligned course.
Seton’s aligned courses coordinate the online course material with the paper lesson plans.

This gives you the flexibility to move back and forth between paper lesson plans and online courses as needs may arise.

Aligning the paper lesson plans with the online content also has provided the opportunity to colorize and enhance the paper lesson plans which we are doing in many of our high school courses.

If we change our minds about a course for my daughter, can I exchange or upgrade it?

If the materials have not been used within 90 days, parents can exchange or upgrade a course by returning the materials they have and paying a shipping fee for the new materials.

If the materials have been used or more than 90 days have elapsed, the student must be re-enrolled in a single course at the price of a single course.

Do I return our lesson plans to Seton at the end of the year?

Yes, so that families have the most current version, we ask that the lesson plans are returned at the end of the year.

Seton is constantly revising and improving its curricula, often in response to your conversations and emails with our Academic Counselors. Throughout the year, we take notes on what works or doesn’t work for families and make changes accordingly.

However, during your school year, you may certainly highlight or write in your lesson plans as much as you want, as they will not be reused after you return them.

How do you recommend I use the Teacher Plan Book for planning our school?

Use the Teacher Plan Book to write daily assignments, scheduling, etc. After reviewing the Lesson Plans, fill out two or three weeks in the Plan Book at a time. This will provide you with structure but also flexibility to deal with the unexpected. Use individual Plan Books for each child.

The Plan Book is clear evidence of daily work assigned by the teacher and completed by the student—it’s the official record of attendance and work completed.

What is Seton’s redo policy for tests or written assignments?

The redo policy for the elementary level is that any test or written assignment, such as a book report, may be redone if the student receives an unsatisfactory grade. The new grade will replace the original grade.

Only the questions marked wrong need to be redone. Of course, questions which have only two choices (T & F, for example) may not be redone – for obvious reasons.

To retake a test submitted on paper, attach a separate sheet of paper with the corrected answers to the original test, without changing anything on the original. Attach both of them to the Quarter Report Form and mail them to Seton.

If you uploaded your test, you can upload your redo. If you took the test online, you can take your redo test online through your MySeton page.

The redo policy for high school courses is that written assignments and many tests can be retaken. The procedures are similar to those above for elementary tests. However, in high school, the original and redo grades will be averaged.

It is best though, to check the full explanation on your MySeton page that the grading department has written for you. Go to your MySeton page, click on Resources, and scroll down to “How to Redo an Assignment.”

If you have any questions, call or email grading@setonhome.org .

How do I know when my son’s assignments are due?

Technically, assignments don’t have a due date. The parent makes the schedule; Seton has no yearly calendar.

New Curriculum Spotlight Color High school Lesson Plans

This year, Seton has rolled out more full-color enhanced lesson plans!


Now available in over ten of our core high school courses, these lesson plans feature color-coded course instructions, easy-to-understand icons that alert students to multimedia resources available at SetonOnline, and other additions designed to make using a course manual simpler more intuitive than ever.

Additionally, each course manual is filled high resolution photographs and beautiful Catholic art.

Over the next year, we are working to colorize and enhance even more of our high school course manuals. We hope parents and students enjoy these new enhanced lesson plans.


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