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Be Like St. Joseph: Trust God and Fear Not


Parents need to contemplate the amazing faith of St. Joseph and ask for the strength and perseverance, and whatever else is needed, to teach their children.

If you are looking for inspiring yet practical Catholic reading for Lent, consider The Life and Glories of St. Joseph­­­, published by Tan Books. A favorite chapter is “Abode at Nazareth—Education of Jesus.”

While the holy parents of Mary and Joseph did not leave us written lesson plans, we certainly can pray to Jesus to let us receive in prayer some guidelines from the perfect parents, Joseph and Mary, to help us in our homeschooling.

St. Matthew’s inspired words in the Bible reveal that the night Joseph realized Mary was pregnant, God sent an angel who appeared to Joseph in his sleep, saying, “Joseph, Son of David, fear not to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.”

Our Parental Mission

St. Joseph surely was amazed at the message of the angel. Married couples always should be amazed at God’s generosity of the gift of a child. While a first response is happiness and thankfulness to God, eventually parents should commit to providing the Catholic education needed to help their children grow in their Faith, and eventually, attain eternal happiness with Jesus in Heaven.

Most Catholic homeschooling parents pray daily to Jesus and to Mary for help in their homeschooling with their children. Especially during the month of March, which the Catholic Church dedicates to St. Joseph, we Catholic homeschooling parents, and grandparents, should include special prayers to St. Joseph. Prayers to St. Joseph, even in the middle of school lessons, seem appropriate as “energetic” and “wiggly” sons and daughters suddenly want to rush through their lessons as they look forward to their afternoon sports.

St. Joseph is especially helpful in answering questions related to raising sons. As a mother who homeschooled seven sons, I can assure you that my prayers, both at daily Mass and at home, were essential for homeschooling success. Though aware of my shortcomings, I prayed at Mass that my sons could learn in spite of my weaknesses. St. Joseph also helped my husband, both with schoolwork and baseball, even when he was tired. Those were years before homeschooling support groups existed!

Ask and Receive

We parents need to call on St. Joseph because he is ready to help us and to find people who can help, perhaps a friend from church, or an uncle who loves math or who loves doing science projects! St. Joseph can help us understand our children’s spiritual needs. Have faith in St. Joseph!

We should contemplate the amazing faith

St. Joseph must have had when, in the cold and dark middle of the night, he obeyed the angel to leave his work tools, his home, and his belongings, to travel with Mary and Baby Jesus on the back of a donkey, and literally pulling the donkey behind him, to run to freedom with his wife and miraculous Baby in a strange, far-off land.

St. Joseph, we pray to you to help good Catholic parents to recognize the present and future importance for their children to have a good Catholic education. Give parents the strength, and perseverance, and whatever else is needed, to teach their children.

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