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Your Questions Answered – Are there Suggested School Supplies?


What school supplies should we buy? Is my student on track to graduate? Can we use alternate math programs? Your Seton counselors have the answers.

Does Seton have a list of suggested school supplies?

Yes, we do! You can find our suggested school supply lists on your MySeton page. When logged into MySeton, make sure you are on the Home page.

On the right side, under the Seton Staff Directory, you’ll see Suggested School Supplies Pre-K – 12. “Daily Supplies” are recommended, “Supplemental Supplies” are optional.

Stock up on notebooks, paper, and writing supplies (pencils, pens, crayons, erasers, and highlighters). 3-ring binders and folders are a great way to organize lesson plans and schoolwork.

Use divider tabs to separate each subject. For younger students, chalkboards or hand-held whiteboards are good for practicing letters. Every family should keep a schoolroom copy of the Bible, Catechism, and a reference dictionary.

It is helpful to have a place to store each child’s school books – consider using plastic milk crates, cloth storage cubes, or large plastic bins/Tupperware containers. Or, get creative, and let each child decorate a large cardboard “book box” where they can keep their Seton books.

Christina Nutt, Academic Counselor

Is my high schooler on track to receive her diploma?

When you enroll your high schooler with Seton, admissions does not automatically send out their order. All first-time and returning high school students have their course selection and records reviewed by an academic counselor to ensure that they are on track to receive their diplomas. (Yes, we review thousands and thousands of high school course selections every year!)

If your student is transferring to Seton from a different school, including homeschool or a homeschool co-op, the counselor will need transcripts from that school. Then they will review the transcripts and other relevant documentation and determine which courses the student should take to get them on track for a Seton diploma.

If the family’s course selection at the time of enrollment is what it should be, the counselor will approve the order and send it to our shipping department.

If the counselor notices anything amiss, such as repeated courses, missing courses, or documentation, etc., they will contact the family. We will only send a high schooler’s courses to shipping once you and we are satisfied that all is in order.

There is one case in which a counselor does not review a high schooler’s courses. This is when a full-year student is enrolled for fewer than four credits. Such students are considered not fully enrolled and not seeking a Seton diploma. Admissions will ship their orders without consulting a counselor.

If you have any questions regarding your high schooler’s progress toward a diploma, contact us at

Theresa O’Connor, Academic Counselor

Can we use alternate math programs?

Yes, Math is one area where families can use programs other than what is provided in the curriculum. With Math, the important thing is finding a program that fits your student since each student has a unique learning style.

If you find a program and would like to use it as an alternate, you can just let us know when you enroll that you are using an alternate program for Math. For elementary grades, you will submit samples of work and grades once per quarter to our Grading Department.

For High School students, families will need to submit an Independent Study request. The form for this can be found under the Resources tab of your MySeton page.

Once the Independent Study is approved, the family will send quarterly reports of the student’s work, progress, and grades, which will be added to the student’s transcripts. If you have any questions about using an alternate math program, our counselors are always happy to help! You can reach them by emailing

Amy Nutt, Academic Counselor

When will my test be graded?

When you upload an assignment for grading, the assignment enters a grading queue. Items are then graded in the order they were received.

Our graders do their best to get work back to students promptly, but we ask that you allow two weeks before reaching out to ask about an assignment. In the busy months towards the end of the school year and in early November, when everyone submits assignments at once, the wait time may be longer.

How can you avoid a long wait? We always recommend uploading assignments as soon as they are completed. Do NOT wait until the end of the year or even until the end of the quarter. When too many families do this, it creates a grading backlog, much like a traffic jam.

For the fastest turnaround, please submit your work online; do not mail it in. Mailed-in work always takes longer. If you urgently need an assignment graded, you may order rush grading (there is a fee) by contacting our grading department at or 540-636-1324 ext 255.

Theresa O’Connor, Academic Counselor

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