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Seasons Of Loss

Sometimes God allows us to go through seeming seasons of loss in order to move us into greater gains. He removes us from situations that we love, i.e., places, people, jobs, cities, ministries, churches, etc., because if we remain attached to them, they will prevent us from moving forward to those greater things that He has in mind for us.

Sometimes, because we are not aware of the invisible hand of God accomplishing this in our lives, we desperately try to cling to those situations that we love, refusing to be separated from them. In the end, however, God’s strength wins out, we get torn away from them, and then find ourselves wondering why this happened to us.

We grow discouraged, confused, disoriented. And then, one day, God moves us into something bigger and better, and we see that his hand was upon us all along. We finally come to understand why He allowed us to be removed from those situations which we loved. We weren’t being “demoted”; we were being “promoted”! Hallelujah!

If this has ever happened to you, write about it in your journal and be reminded of the faithfulness of God in your life. Perhaps you’re going through a season of loss in your life right now, and this journal prompt has inspired you to look at your situation from a completely different angle.

If so, you, too, write down your thoughts and reflections!

For more reading on this, Lorraine has written an article, published Aug 9, 2014

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