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  • eucharist miracle

    The Eucharist: A *Different* Kind of Miracle?

    by Dave Armstrong | The Eucharist was intended by God as a different kind of miracle from the outset...

  • summer kitchen

    Simplifying the Kitchen!

    by Abby Sasscer | Waiting until the summer months to simplify large areas of the home, especially ou...

  • seton graduate

    Seton: It’s About Building Better Families

    Seton has helped all of my children obtain an elite Catholic education and the values taught in thei...

  • professional homeschooling mom

    I’m Not a Professional Homeschooling Mother. Seriously.

    by Susan Miranda | As a homeschooling mother, I start asking myself the tough questions and critiqui...

  • 2014-06 June Seton Magazine Issue_Page_01 - Copy

    Stuck on Seton… Forever!

    by Lisa Duda | When I received Seton’s info packet in the mail, it hit me straight in the heart. We ...

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