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Breaking News for Seton Graduation 2014

Breaking News for Seton Graduation 2014

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Seton’s next graduation ceremony is rapidly approaching!

Students and their families will soon be traveling to Front Royal for our 2014 graduation. This event is eagerly anticipated by our staff as well as the students and their families. This year there will be a few changes due to the overwhelming response for past commencements.

Change of Venue

The biggest change this year is that the major part of the ceremony will no longer be held at Christendom College. Christendom has been most gracious and generous with their facilities, but, alas, we have outgrown the capacity of their field house!

The Friday evening reception will still be at the college, as will Christendom’s student programs during the day on Friday. Of course, Seton will host a pizza party for families and graduates at our offices around noon on Friday as well. But, this year we will be moving to a local high school for Saturday’s big event.

Skyline High School has kindly consented to allow us the use of their facilities for the ceremony itself and the dance to follow. The school is very convenient to all the lodging in Front Royal; indeed, it may be a bit easier to find than Christendom!

Meet the Staff

Each year, the staff of Seton looks forward to putting faces with names for so many people we know only by phone. We really enjoy watching the young people meet each other. Often they have been friends for some time via some of the social media, but meeting in person really serves to cement good, solid relationships.

For those who have never met, it does not take long before they are exchanging stories about “that killer assignment in English 12” or the amazing adventures in many activities they were able to experience due to home schooling. We are constantly surprised at the myriad accomplishments of our students and families!

Official Seton Dance

This year the dance after the ceremony will be conducted under the auspices of Seton itself. Previously the dance was organized by students and families; their efforts were very successful and extremely popular.

Kudos to all responsible for the previous dance parties! Well done indeed! But, it has been a bit of a problem finding the venue for the dance and coordinating the logistics, so we believe that the dance arrangements will be more easily made with Seton sponsoring the event.


We hope that families will still be able to help with decoration, chaperoning and other duties. All the usual rules regarding dress, conduct and the quality of music will still apply. The dance is intended to be a family-oriented party; other family members, parents and guests are all warmly invited and encouraged to attend.

You can find more information or register for this year’s ceremony available here at Seton 2014 High School Graduation.

If you have questions regarding the ceremony or whether a student is eligible to attend, please call Bob Wiesner at 540-622-8478 or email bwiesner@setonhome.org.

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