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Why Homeschooling is How We'll Heal & Restore America - by Amanda Evinger

Why Homeschooling is How We’ll Heal & Restore America

2 minutes


Amanda Evinger – homeschool mom of 3 – explores why Fr. John Hardon believed that homeschooling was key for the survival of the Catholic Church in America.

You may not have realized it before, but by giving your children a Christian homeschool education, you are doing a remarkable duty as a citizen — you are helping heal and restore America. You are giving it hope.

As Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon once said:

“Homeschooling in the United States is the necessary concomitant of a culture in which the Church is being opposed on every level of her existence, and as a consequence, given the widespread secularization in our country, homeschooling is not only valuable or useful but it is absolutely necessary for the survival of the Catholic church in our country.”

Now if that quote doesn’t inspire you to give yourself a pat on the back, what will?

The fact is, the crumpled English pages and the small truckload of books crowding your living room, as well as the dozens of unsharpened pencils spilled in the school closet, do stand for something truly, truly great. They are a sign that you, as parents, are laying down your lives not only for the Kingdom of God, but also for your beloved country.

Fighting for America

As homeschoolers, we are as soldiers, not only fighting for the Church Militant, but also for America, the land of the free and the brave.

As Fr. Hardon continues,

“Homeschooling, in our country, is that form of teaching and training of children at home in order to preserve the Catholic faith in the family, and to preserve the Catholic faith in our country.”

By nurturing our children with the secure foundation of a solidly Catholic home education, we are helping to give our country — which is crumbling on many levels — a more secure foundation. Little did we know, but by our very dedication to Catholic homeschooling, we are being courageous patriots!

A Firm Family Foundation

We are also giving a firm foundation to our family — the “cell” of society — which strengthens our nation in amazing ways. Not only that, but we are empowering Mother Church and making her future in America more luminous.


Fascinatingly, Fr. Hardon further continues to help us see why homeschooling has been such a fortress to preserve Christianity, surprisingly, not just since the 1970’s in America, as is commonly recounted, but since the very dawn of Christianity:

“The early Church is normative not only on what we should believe as Catholics but on how we ought to learn our faith and live it. There were not established Catholic schools in the Roman Empire back in the first 300 years of the Church’s history. Except for parents becoming believing, and being heroic Catholics in the early Church, nothing would have happened. The Church would have died out before the end of the first century.”

The great historian that he is, Hardon testifies to the power that a holy home life, vibrant with faith and prayer, can have on the destiny of the world.

Investing in the Young People of Today

This being said, when push comes to shove and we are tempted to give up homeschooling or at least whine about the sacrifices it imposes upon us, let’s remember the powerful impact it is making, and the seeds it is planting in our children’s hearts. If we don’t invest in the young people of today, tomorrow will naturally be hauntingly dark.

As homeschooling parents, we are a people of tremendous influence, whether we feel like we are or not, and whether others deem us to be or not. The time and effort we put into bonding with our children and forming their minds and souls to serve God’s Kingdom will reap more beautiful fruit than we can fathom, for America and beyond.

This being said, now may be the perfect time to re-commit to teaching our children the Pledge of Allegiance, and say it daily with them, and even take the time to teach them long-cherished patriotic hymns.

Together, we can help rebuild our beloved country! I’m in!

About Amanda Evinger

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Amanda Evinger now lives in rural North Dakota with her husband Michael and their three young children. Together, they have two home businesses, keep a bountiful garden and care take St. Clement's Oratory. Amanda is passionate about being a Seton homeschooling Mom and dedicated homemaker. She also works from home as Senior Writer for Catholic Stewardship Consultants. Although raised Calvinist, she became Catholic in 2001, and then spent several years living with Blessed Mother Teresa's sisters and the Contemplative Sisters of St. John. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Hope College in Spanish and Theology with minor studies in Creative Writing.
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  • Mary Jank

    Peace Amanda,

    Thank you for encouraging this Home Schooling Mom. I was raised in the Episcopal Church then parents divorced and I went through a very secular period before God brought me back to Northern NY to heal. This journey has taken 20 years and I feel like I am just beginning and yet so THANKFUL to Seton and the Church, especially the Saints Triumphant. I entered the Church in 2001 also and married the next year.

    I have had several challenges with people in the pews who see my children as unruly and they do not belong, which they and I are on occasion… we are sinners and walking the journey. Pastors, Catholic school teachers and parish catechists who right us off as we ‘know’ what we are doing; yet do not see that there are ways in which we could assist them and they us; or as a threat. One or two have encouraged us as they have begun to see how secularized our Catholic Schools have become.

    Recently, I watched a program on the community of Fr. Hardon on EWTN and was inspired to continue to attend daily mass and work again on daily rosary. We are also blessed in that I was introduced to the Breviary and have walked through Shorter to Christian to Four Volume of which I love the Early Church Fathers through the Office. Hearing my four year old connect with a psalm from Sunday Liturgy with night prayer from St. Thomas Moore’s House of Prayer is a blessing.

    I am also blessed with the music of the Church and especially thankful to Father Benedict the XVI and his brother in their example of love for the Church and joy in the Te Deum. Also the beauty and poetry of songs of our country. One son loves to learn all the verses as Mom had been a one verse wonder.

    May God be with you. Taking pride again in our country and its future, Mary Jank

    • Ana

      Nice and so glad you joined the church, keep up the hard work, so many blessings and so little time. Keep living it and loving it it does pay in the best way!

  • Ana

    The commitment matters, our oldest hangs on to his faith by being music director at his cathedral, he is challenged by his secular job in education for the music he loves, but there he is, our next daughter just went on a much needed vacation and bought things to help her be a better teacher when she graduates next year to teach public school kids that she knows will need her positive influence, and our next is being challenged by college roommates who are a bit immoral and have no idea about it with administrators who don’t think much of it, but he has a plan and God’s in it, that last child has needed public high school as she needs more help navigating and always having the option of homeschool again, she is her class’ secretary, cheerleader, moral meter, and run to the rescue gal when someone is picked on or left out and when teachers don’t do their job she lets it be known, nicely of course but she also works through her disability. All because God made us better and closer and stronger through home-schooling, it was quite the blessing and all of the kids had said so at their more mature time of adulthood and the youngest just wrote about it in her High School essay without our prompting. Now I pray for the next generation as the evil one makes more ploys and debacles to trip us up, but God is the ultimate in power and we will educate and support anyway we can. I still home-school our youngest even though she is in public school, because we talk at night and do lessons that her public school has botched up during the day, so technically we never finish. Now I write to anyone who will listen on the topic of home-schooling, education, health and loving all that God has given us be it the Church, home or the neighborhood. And really you never stop home-schooling even when your kids grow up you still educate on somthing. Godspeed!

  • Karen Doll

    And heal we will. I love your paragraph that starts, “As homeschooling parents, we are a people of tremendous influence…”–I love the line about reaping more beautiful fruit than we can fathom. I believe that homeschooling is a wonderful way to mold and shape the clay foundation of our children’s faith lives. We have such influence, as you say. I am so blessed to call myself a homeschool mom serving in God’s Kingdom. Blessings to you and your family, Amanda!

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