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Darin Byrne – Seton Admission Counselor


Admission Counselor Darin Byrne recommends courses, gives advice about the Seton curriculum, and makes sure every parent and student question is answered.

It’s mid-afternoon, a Thursday in late May, and Darin Byrne sits at his desk, projecting confidence and affability when discussing his position as an Admissions Counselor for the Seton Home Study School

He has just returned from a trip to Alaska—“I’ve now visited all fifty states,” he says—and is ready to dig back into work.

Darin is one of the go-to folks in the Admissions Department. “After fifteen years of answering phone calls from parents about the Seton program and admissions,” Darin says with a smile, “I wonder if there’s a scenario I haven’t come across.”

Darin, who grew up in New Jersey, graduated from the Franciscan University of Steubenville with a degree in Business Management, and holds an MA in Theology from Mt. St. Mary’s University, fervently believes in the value of a Catholic education. He has lived the last twenty-eight years in Winchester, Virginia.

Called to Counsel Families

Fifteen years ago, while working for the federal government, Darin learned about Seton from two of his sisters, who were using the program to homeschool their children.

Having taught religious education over the years from kindergarten through high school, he wanted the chance to work for a Catholic company and a good cause.

In his time at Seton, Darin has worked on conferences and on Seton Educational Media, and presently serves on Seton’s Accreditation Committee.

Darin’s primary work is faithfully manning the phone and answering emails for the Admissions Department, so many of our readers will have spoken with him.

In his role as Admissions Counselor, he recommends courses, gives advice about the curriculum, and makes certain that parents and students understand the basic requirements of each course and every grade level.

“I believe in Seton and I love to explain how we can help a family successfully homeschool. After all, a big part of my work is encouraging them,” he says by way of explanation of his job. “When we finish our conversations, I want to make sure the parents can say to themselves, ‘I can do this.’”

When asked what brought him the greatest satisfaction in his work, Darin paused a moment, then replied:

“My greatest joy comes from hearing those words, ‘Thank you. You’ve answered all my questions.’ That’s what I live for at the end of a conversation.”

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