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Seton Staff Series: Cecilia Sauer


Seton General Counselor Cecilia Sauer can put families in touch with other Seton families in their immediate area who have given permission to be contacted, details below*.

Because her father served in the United States Air Force, Cecilia Sauer was born in England, lived in places as varied as Japan, Missouri, and Oklahoma, and finally, Virginia.

After high school, she accrued credits in nursing and engineering, and worked both in private enterprise and for the government in engineering jobs. For the last twenty years Cecilia has devoted herself to advising families enrolled with Seton.

Cecilia helps parents with all their homeschooling questions, helps students with their math, and is Assistant to the Director of the Counseling Department. She is also a Third Order Franciscan.

What gives you the most satisfaction from your work?

Helping our families. If I can help somebody figure out a better way to homeschool, then I’ve had a good day.

Besides general counseling, what other ways do you help families at Seton?

I put families in touch with other Seton families in their immediate area who have given us permission to be contacted. Often these families can help those who are struggling with homeschooling. Sometimes I contact our families to ask if they would be willing to talk with another family looking for help.*

What issues have you seen families struggle with the most?

Work loads and schedules. We counsel many families about trying different schedules or trimming down lesson plans to make their lives easier. We’ve saved moms from quitting homeschooling.

What’s the most important advice you have for families?

Seton families need to know they’re not alone. If they’re having any trouble at all, they should contact us. We’ve advised families for years and can often come up with solutions and options.

What’s your favorite homeschooling family story?

Well, I don’t have a favorite story, but my favorite stories involve those families who keep homeschooling during a family crisis, like a major illness. Those families serve as beautiful examples of courage and faith. They have so much against them, but they continue homeschooling.

*if you would like Cecilia to help put you in touch with other Seton families in your immediate area, you may send your request to

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