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Two Weeks Left!

by Clare Schmitt Can you believe we only have two weeks left until Christmas? I think children give us a whole new perspective on Advent, on the preparation for the ...

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Traditional Family Values

The following is a talk given by 18-year-old Moriah Mosher, daughter of Population Research Institute president Steven Mosher, to the Rhodes Youth Forum in Greece. Good afternoon, everyone! I want ...

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Channels of Grace

Parents are ordinarily the primary channels of grace for their children. This primacy as channels of grace for the children comes through the sacrament of Matrimony. The sacrament confers two ...

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Help? You got it!

Question from a Seton Mom: What do those homeschooling moms out there with both school-age children and toddlers do to keep the little ones occupied? I have a child in ...

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Keep the Faith!

by Clare Schmitt “To live without faith, without a patrimony to defend, without a steady struggle for truth, that is not living, but existing.” ~ Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati You’ve ...

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Cultural Heroes

The following is a brief part of a speech the late Dr. William Marra gave in Toronto in 1993. In homeschooling, aim at a certain academic excellence. I claim that ...

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The Beatitudes

by Rev. Robert Skeris The Gospel of the Eight Beatitudes is surely one of the best beloved passages in all of Holy Writ, and deservedly so. For the fact is ...

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Truth in Fiction: Home Schooling and Christian Literature

I have been honored and privileged over the past few years to speak at homeschool conferences across the United States and Canada. The key element in all of my talks, and the theme that binds them together, is that Western Civilization is a specifically Christian inheritance that it is the duty of parents to pass on to their children.

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