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As I write this article, I will turn forty years old in ten days. You would think with four decades of life on this earth under my belt that I’d ...

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the Holy Family- The Sacramental Life

Sacramental Life

Of the seven Sacraments instituted by Christ, three of them—Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders—may only be received once. Two of the others—Matrimony and Anointing of the Sick—maybe be received more than ...

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The Goldilocks Factor

At Seton we are often asked how many hours the actual schoolwork should take. The home school literature is brimming with advice on this very subject. I read once that ...

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little boy sitting down

Happy and Healthy

In the constant battle home school parents wage to keeps our students alert and motivated, we should recall that scientific evidence has demonstrated again and again that children who eat ...

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A New Year

As I sat down to write this article, I kept wondering what I should write about to inspire home schooling fathers for yet another school year. Let’s face it, I ...

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Play Ball!

It had been a rough day. I was buried in paperwork at the office, two of my children were sick, and the rain had been drizzling since morning. It would ...

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Seton Graduation Address 2010

This summer, across America, commencement speakers will congratulate graduates on their academic achievements, and challenge them to make a positive difference in the world using their new knowledge. These graduates ...

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Pragmatism and Principle

Two men faced each other across the expanse of a wide room. Although events had pushed them together, the two could not have been more different. The one man had ...

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