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Get to know Seton staff members who strive to help make your Seton homeschooling experience an easier experience for you and your children.

Bob Wiesner – Seton High School Counselor

Bob Wiesner says it is always a good sign when kids call up and are thinking about things, that they take their studies seriously and they want to know more

Read more...| September – October 2021


Joshua Butek – Special Needs Counselor

Joshua loves helping families with special needs and the trials they are dealing with, to me, is to be a light of Christ to them, those are some of my favorite moments.

Read more… | July – August 2021


Chip Hibl – Director Seton Educational Media and Customer Service

Chip Hibl, head of Seton Educational Media and Customer Service loves to help customers with service problems or find a new product to help Seton families.

Read more… | May – June 2021

Robin Hibl – Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Robin Hibl creates the graphics for so many communication and social media projects at Seton Home Study School that you may have seen her work hundreds of times

Read more… | March –  April 2021


Emily Prause – Graphics Designer

Graphic designer Emily Prause’s passion for books, eye for beauty, and artistic skills are all apparent in the remarkable books she is designing at Seton.

Read more… | September –  October 2020

Nathan Puray – Illustrator

Staff Series

Nathan Puray, age 24, is a busy man.

In addition to his work in graphic design and illustration for Seton, Nathan is a White Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu—“I usually go five times a week,” he says. He is also a full-time student at nearby Lord Fairfax Community College, where he is earning a degree in fine arts, and loves painting in oils.

Read more… | July –  August 2020

Katie Summers  – Academic Counselor

Staff Series

Katie Summers, Seton’s Elementary Language Arts Counselor, was homeschooled since kindergarten.

The oldest of three sisters, Katie grew up in rural North Carolina north of Raleigh. While in high school, Katie entered the dual enrollment program at her local community college. Her demeanor and academic achievements won her a position as a peer tutor at age 17.

Read more… | May- June 2020

Staff Seres

Aiden Callegari  – Academic Counselor

Meet Aidan Callegari, one of the newer members of the Seton staff.

Aidan jumped on board in September 2019 and works today as an academic counselor for Latin, history, and religion.

He brings to this position a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise. After attending public schools in New York and Richmond, Virginia, he entered Christendom College, where he double-majored in History and in Classics and Early Christian Studies.

Read more… | March- April 2020

Jim Shanley – Director of Marketing

“I loved growing up in South Florida but when Betsy and I started homeschooling our children, we began searching for a locale that met three criteria. We were looking for a four-season climate, a homeschool friendly area, and a diocese rich in vocations.”

The Shanleys found those ingredients in Front Royal, Virginia, home of Seton Home Study School.

Read more… | January – February 2020

Karen Eriksson-Lee – Seton Special Educational Counselor

Seton Special Educational Counselor Karen Eriksson-Lee has deep roots in Front Royal, VA.

After her father left the Air Force, the family settled in Maplewood, NJ, but would spend the summers and many holidays on her grandparents’ farm near Front Royal. That connection led Karen to apply to the nearby Shenandoah University, where she majored in dance and minored in psychology.

Read more… | November – December 2019


Sean O’Connor – High School English Counselor

Sean spent part of his boyhood in the historic town of Gloucester in Virginia’s Tidewater, where in addition to homeschooling he spent his time swimming, boating, and crabbing. After graduation, he attended Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. Read more… | September – October 2019



Darin Byrne – Admissions Counselor

It’s mid-afternoon, a Thursday in late May, and Darin Byrne sits at his desk, projecting confidence and affability when discussing his position as an Admissions Counselor for the Seton Home Study School

He has just returned from a trip to Alaska—“I’ve now visited all fifty states,” he says—and is ready to dig back into work. Read more...  | July – August 2019


Kathleen Hunt – Assistant Director of Special Services

Even as a girl in the small town of Kingston, New Jersey, Kathleen Hunt was preparing for a life in education. After all, her favorite game to play with other children was “school,” where Kathleen was the teacher. Read more… | May – June 2019



Tom Centrella – Production Editing Specialist

Thomas Centrella, a Production Editing Specialist in Seton’s Curriculum Development Department, brings a unique set of skills to his position.

He earned his BS in electrical engineering from Wilkes University and an MA in theological studies from Christendom College. Read more… | March – April 2019


Gene McGuirk – Director of Counseling

“Before joining Seton in 2002,” says Deacon Gene McGuirk, Head of Academic Counseling, “I spent eight years with Doll Medical Research, then almost twenty years with Avis, and finally with Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy right before coming to Seton. I was never unhappy in any of these positions, but I truly love what I do at Seton.” Read more…| January – February 2019


Don Valaike – Special Projects

For twenty years, Don Valaike offered counsel and guidance to Seton’s math students.

Born in a small town in what were then the coal fields of Pennsylvania, Don entered military service right out of high school and by the age of 19, was the youngest staff sergeant in the Air Force. Read more… |  November – December 2018


Cecilia Sauer – General Counseling

After high school, she accrued credits in nursing and engineering and worked both in private enterprise and for the government in engineering jobs. For the last twenty years, Cecilia has devoted herself to advising families enrolled with Seton. Read more… |  September – October 2018


Manuel Vicente – Spanish and Science Counselor

The son of Cuban exiles—the family fled Cuba when Manuel was five years old— he grew up in Miami, Florida, and attended Florida State University, majoring in meteorology. After graduating in 1978, he served as a weather officer in the United States Air Force. Following his military service, Mr. Vicente taught school, tested inmates for the Florida prison system, and was a weatherman in Spanish-language radio and television. Read more…July – August 2018

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