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John Clark

John Clark

Author Bio and Books

Author Bio and Books

John Clark is a graduate of Christendom College and holds a degree in Political Science and Economics. He has written scores of articles about homeschooling and is a popular speaker at family and homeschooling conferences.

In between speaking and writing, he has found time to serve for several years as the coach of the Christendom College baseball team, and to raise his nine children with his wife, Lisa.

John writes the column The Father’s Role.


Below is a list of his articles, the most recent first.

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Why Does Coffee Always Get the Blame? - by John Clark

Why Does Coffee Always Get the Blame?

by John Clark | Has anyone else noticed that coffee has become the financial “fall guy” lately? We live in an age of bailouts, zombie banks, troubled assets, and more troubled liabilities, yet coffee is often pointed to as the real financial problem.

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